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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Newport 1.5

Titleist 2012 Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 putter feature: Precision-milled from a single block of the highest quality 303 stainless steel deep face milling for soft sound and feel.

The Newport 1.5 flare neck melts away from your vision, allowing a clean view of the ball that may convert you to this setup for good. That’s the beauty of the Select line, there’s something for everyone. 

Newport 1.5
The putters have great style with a family well designed, but individual enough for each model to shine on its own. And speaking of brilliance, notice the milled Cherry Dots.

 A trademark Scotty look, but created with a never-before-seen technique in manufacturing that instills a certain pride of ownership you’ll only get from owning a Scotty Cameron putter.
  • Loft : 4
  • Lie : 71º
  • Length : 33", 34", 35"
  • Head material : 303SS
  • Offset : 3/4 Shaft
  • Custom RH Lengths : 34H", 35"H
  • Custom Lie : +/-2º
Custom Grips : are available


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