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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Newport 2 Dual Balance Putter

The 2014 Dual Balanced Newport 2 -38 inches  is the longer 38 inch putter that has been released in 2014.

 Designed with a 50-gram backweight in the end of the longer 38" standard length shaft with another 50 grams of added headweight, unmatched stability and performance are unleashed. Imagine a pure stroke guided by your putter's inherent design.

Place your hands on the Dual Balance grip-below the convenient black guideline-and experience the stability of a perfectly counter-balanced putter. The only twists and turns you'll see from now on are on the cartpath to your next hole.

  • Loft :3.5
  • Lie : 70º
  • Length : 38"
  • Head material : 303SS
  • Offset : 3/4 Shaft

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