Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scotty Cameron Left Hand Putters

There is a good selection of Scotty Cameron left handed putters now available in the stock standard line. here is the current list:

2015 Futura X7M -34 inches
2015 GoLo 5 - 34 inches
2014 Scotty Cameron Select -Newport 2 - 34 in
2014 Scotty Cameron Fastback - 34 inches
2014 GoLo 5 -34 inches
2014 Futura X -34 inches
2014 Fuftura X5 -34 inches
2014 Dual Balance Futura X
2014 Select GoLo 7
2014 Select GoLo 5

These are the standard issued Scotty Cameron left handed putters, but there is always the availability of a custom order specifically to your liking.

The newest model of Scotty Cameron putter the 2015 Futura X7M will have a left handed version available in 34 inches.

The 2014 Scotty Cameron Newport 2 (34inch) LEFT HAND with its fine balance and stability in the putter are provided by the Select weights in the heel and toe which are perfectly matched to the shaft length.

The Scotty Cameron 2014 GOLO BND LH 34 is a compact, mid-mallet for those who crave the finest, demand the best and settle for nothing less. Benefit from the trust of professional golfers who rely on a Scotty Cameron putter and put one in your ba.

The  2014 Scotty Cameron Fastback-Left Hand (34inch) is a new look, with its pop-up sole plate-milled from aircraft grade aluminum, ( shaved grams from the center of the sole, which allowed Scotty to move stainless steel out and around the putter.) Sound, feel and performance all improved.

2014 Scotty Cameron Dual Balance GoLo 7 in 38 inches. Engineered to give you an incredibly steady, reliable and repeatable putting stroke, the GoLo 7 Dual Balance is counter-balanced with a 50-gram weight in the end of the three-inches-longer 38" shaft with an additional 50 grams in the putter head.