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Friday, June 20, 2014

GoLo Putters

2015 Scotty Cameron GoLo Putters

In 2015 the GoLo series will have two additions to their family the GoLo 5R and the GoLo 6.
2015 Scotty Cameron GoLo 5R

The GoLo 5R has a more rounded shape without the horizontal sight lines, it has a near face balance and it has one single bend offset shaft and will be available in 33,34 and 35 inches in length

The GoLo 6 features a B-back shape similar to Cameron's previous Circa 62 #6 model.

2014 Scotty Cameron GoLo Putters

In 2014 Scotty Cameron have brought out the four models - GoLo 3, GoLo 5, GoLo S5 and GoLo 7 –they have a clean, tour-preferred appearance that flows from the shaft down through the top line, continuing down through the curved back, which flows to the ground. All models have 33, 34 or 35 inches in length, depending on availability. The GoLo 7 is also available in a 38 inch length.

The Scotty's GoLo mallet is a modern mallet with performance you can trust. Years of design have come together for what could be regarded as the perfect mallet.

Balance, shape and setup are pristine The racy Cherry Dots, sleek sight lines and customizable weighting setup, and you've got a putter that can only help you.

GoLo 3

The new Scotty Cameron GoLo  3  is now available, the GoLo 3 is one of the newest additions to the Scotty Cameron series. The new GoLo's come in the new Silver Mist finish with framed and double milled red-dot graphics and double beveled weights Scotty’s GoLo 3 is all about flow. 

The GoLo 5 has a 10% smaller head, but with the look, feel and performance of the wildly popular Select GoLo, the newest addition to the GoLo family.

The only GoLo putter available in left hand is the GoLo Bend in 34 inches.

The GoLo 5s has a 10% smaller head with the straight shaft, but with the look, feel and performance of the wildly popular Select GoLo.

GoLo 7
The GoLo 7 looks and feels great with a balance and flows naturally. The sole plate’s internal tuning ring harmonizes with the deep milled face for pitch perfect tone at impact. The precision milled, perfectly curvy profile sets up square to the ball. The slightly cambered triple angled sole is how. 

Also available in the GoLo7 putter is the GoLo 7 Dual Balance, this is a counter-balanced putter with a 50-gram weight in the end of the three-inches-longer 38" shaft with an additional 50 grams in the putter head. .

Listen to Mr Scotty Cameron and see why see has produced these 3 outstanding mallet putters.

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