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Sunday, April 13, 2014

2014 Scotty Cameron Newport

The 2014 Scotty Cameron Newport putter is in the Sea Mist color, it is available in 33,34 and 35 inches in length.

2014 Scotty Cameron Newport frames the golf ball in a rich, misted metallic sculpture of precision milled stainless steel. It’s leading edge engineering for the art of putting with golf craftsmanship  like no other brand. Purpose-built clean and free from distractions, you’ll find the Newport absent of sight lines or dots.

The Select Newport, with its bold new graphics, cherry red paint, soft Silver Mist finish and legendary Scotty Cameron design, catapults the heel-and-toe-weighted Newport concept into the stratosphere for a putter that inspires confidence by expounding on the theories Scotty’s mastered over decades of putter making

Loaded with legendary Scotty Cameron design, the new heel-and-toe-weighted Newport is sure to inspire confidence in your putting game with rolls marked by decades of Scotty’s masterful putter craftsmanship.

  • Loft: 3.5º
  • Lie: 70º
  • Head material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Offset: Full Shaft

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